Feature: Fantastic European glamping sites

Thursday, 28 July 2011 12:43 PM

Mongolian yurts, African safari tents and tree houses connected to ancient sentinels: glamping is taking the world by storm. Offering a more luxurious alternative to camping, these pre-erected tents, wooden constructions and converted vehicle sites are also often based in beautiful and environmentally sound locations. Last week we introduced you to the UK glamping scene, but this week we’ve gone one step further and found you some fantastic European escapes for your home away from home holiday.

L’Escargot Minicamping Deluxe, Belgium
Situated on a hilltop overlooking a forest, L’Escargot Minicamping Deluxe is nestled near the sleepy, picturesque village of Jevourmont in the Belgian Ardenne. Surrounded by green fields, this is an oasis of tranquillity in a beautiful area of forests and hills. The luxury safari tent onsite comes equipped with a double bed, kitchen, table and wardrobe. Hiking and cycling is great in the region while the ancient and scenic towns of Spa and Malmedy are good for exploring.

Kinsale Camping, Ireland
Set in the south of Ireland overlooking the sea, Kinsale Camping is an Irish treat. With a solar powered Mongolian yurt resting a few metres above the sea, the views of inner and outer harbour of the medieval town of Kinsale are fantastic. There’s a shower, pizza oven and covered chalet to experience the mild weather and as it’s located in a traffic free zone, the only sounds you’ll hear will be nature itself. Kinsale is a great place to try out some sailing, fishing, canoeing or to visit its range of historic pubs.

Camping Bled, Slovenia
Based on the only natural island in Slovenia, Camping Bled is situated on the tiny Bled Island which sits in the centre of glacial Lake Bled. With great views of the Julian Alps and Karavanke Mountains, let your natural side go wild with a stay in one of a collection of wooden camping huts. Explore the pine forests and mountain peaks as you cycle over maintained trails, raft down rivers and horse ride through the beautiful Triglav National Park. Slovenia is a fantastic country that is yet to be touched by mainstream tourism, so get out there now before it changes!

Cabanes als Arbres, Spain
Cabanes als Arbres offers nature lovers the unique experience of sleeping in direct contact with the natural world in the form of 10 luxury tree houses. This Catalonian forest hideaway has tried to make the experience as natural as possible, by not providing running water or electricity and by adapting each hut to the tree that supports it by building each around the truck. Enjoy spectacular views of the Pyrenees and Montseny mountain ranges as you sleep 20 feet off the ground. Food can be ordered by a rope basket delivered up!

Camp Spirit, Holland
Based on a tiny uninhabited, manmade island in the middle of Lake Veluwemeer lies the eco resort Camp Spirit. With trees, reed palms, thickets and grassland, this relaxing and tranquil island is home to a cozy campsite on the west side where tipis, yurts, sahara tents and Swedish kotas sit by the water. Most come equipped with beds, showers and cooking facilities and an onsite shop provides food basics and organic wine! Along with swimming and boating, guests can enjoy massage therapy, listen to a range of visiting lecturers and indulge in some live music or watch plays depending on the time of year.

Lakeview Yurt Retreat, Portugal
Situated in Central Portugal on the banks of the tranquil Cabril Lake is Lakeview Yurt Retreat. Designed as a retreat to indulge in meditation, yoga and relaxation in the Pedrogao Grande municipality, it’s hard not to feel relaxed when the crystal clear waters of the vast lake are only five metres away! The single Mongolian yurt is fully furnished and powered by solar panels. There’s a rowing boat available to explore the lake and plenty of space to practice your yoga or meditation. The beautiful Serra da Estrela Mountains are only two hours away, which are great for hiking, cycling and wildlife spotting.

Whitepod, Switzerland
Nestled in the charming village of Les Cerniers and surrounded by a blanket of snow, Whitepod offers an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Swiss Alps! With panoramic mountain views and snow everywhere, the site features 15 geodesic domes which are designed to blend in with the natural environment while offering comfort and luxury. Each dome includes spacious double beds, wood stoves, glass windows for natural light and balconies with tables and chairs for some freezing mountain views! There are also seven kilometres of ski slopes with private ski lifts.

These glamping sites not only offer comfort, they are a based in stunning areas with a wealth of eco-activities at your disposal.

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