Corporate sailing events: why choose the Solent?

Thursday, 4 August 2011 3:38 PM

If you're keen to get your team out of the office and into somewhere a little more inspiring, why not consider a yacht charter in the United Kingdom? Home to world-class sailing opportunities and an excellent range of facilities for corporate events, the Solent is the perfect location for this kind of trip.

Conveniently situated in an easy-to-reach destination in the south of England, Port Solent is ideal for single-day or two-day sailing events with your staff or clients.

Giving your company the opportunity to break free of the traditional office environment, corporate sailing can be an incredibly valuable, rewarding experience for all involved - something that could easily benefit your business as a whole.

Indeed, from developing your team's skills to saying thank you to your most important clients, sailing in the prestigious waters of the Solent can generate tangible results.

So, what exactly is it about the Solent that makes it such an ideal destination for this kind of break away from the office?

There are numerous advantages to organising such trips here - and perhaps the most obvious is its convenient location.

Indeed, you may have considered days away from the office before, but have abandoned them for various reasons, such as the high cost of travel or a lack of inspiring destinations to visit.

Choosing the Solent solves both these issues with aplomb. Located on the south coast in Portsmouth, this spot is easy to get to and is somewhere that is sure to impress. Indeed, the waters here are held in incredibly high regard, with world-class sailors often flocking to its yachts to test their skills and hone their techniques.

Meanwhile, its qualities are complemented by the stunning scenery to admire as you sail. As well as natural beauty spots, you can see impressive man-made structures, including the 170-metre tall Spinnaker Tower.

After all, surroundings are important, with spectacular scenes able to both inspire your staff and impress your clientele.

Of course, in addition to Solent's international reputation as an incredible sailing destination are the benefits of this kind of activity itself.

By its nature, sailing is an activity that requires many skills that often prove invaluable in a business environment. Clear, effective communication, teamwork, problem solving and crisis management are just a few of the qualities needed to succeed with sailing - and are all characteristics you are bound to be looking for in your staff.

So, if you're eager for your workforce to develop these skills, corporate sailing events can be an excellent way of ensuring they do so.

What's more, if there is any particular element you would especially like your staff to make headway with - such as working effectively as a team - you can ask your event operator to design your itinerary to be conducive to these goals.

Indeed, each sailing event will be tailored specifically to both your individual aims for the day and your business as a whole.

Of course, skill development is not the only use for this kind of event. You can also simply use it as a reward for your staff - or perhaps as an incentive to achieve their targets.

Indeed, you can choose the tone of the day - or two days - to match your objectives. For example, if it's a reward for your staff you might like something leisurely and relaxing, but if you intend to develop their skills, you could prefer to opt for competitive sailing trips.

And it's not only your staff you can treat to sailing events. If you have a particularly important client you would like to show your appreciation to, why not consider pampering them with a sailing day out? This can be a great way to say thank you and build your relationship - not to mention impress.

The Solent is unrivalled as a destination for UK sailing, making it the perfect location for this kind of trip - no matter what your business's objectives are.

In addition to the calibre and prestige of its waters, the Solent plays host to other facilities conducive to a successful company outing.

The Portsmouth Harbour Yacht Club, for example, is home to the exemplary Regatta Room - a premium conference facility. Here, you'll find seating for up to 200 people, as well as vital amenities such as telephone and internet connections, projectors, screens and flipcharts.

So, if you are considering plucking your staff out of the office environment for a day or two, why not opt for sailing in the Solent and achieve your business goals?

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