Where to visit on a romantic cruise

Friday, 27 January 2012 12:13 PM

It is little wonder why so many couples go away on cruise holidays, as these are some of the most romantic getaways around. Indeed, being able to enjoy some quality time together at sea while also visiting numerous destinations is the ideal way to use a short break.

You will have plenty of time to spend together onboard, making use of the many facilities cruise ships are known for. In the evenings, you can sip a cocktail as you watch the sun set and follow it with a romantic dinner by candlelight.

Once the sun has dropped behind the horizon, head up to the deck where you can dance together beneath the stars.

There is also ample opportunity for you to indulge in some sightseeing together whenever you reach a port. However, where are the best places to visit if you are currently looking out for last minute deals?

Iceland and Russia

These may seem unusual choices, but they are both among the most beautiful countries on earth.

Iceland in particular is known for its sweeping glaciers and natural thermal pools, where you can take a dip together and immediately feel the heat, despite the temperature being freezing outside the water.

Russia is also a memorable place to visit, especially if you have the chance to stop off at historic St Petersburg.

However, even if you choose to stay onboard, you will be able to enjoy the stunning scenery on every day of your trip.


Northern Europe is an incredibly beautiful destination to visit on a cruise, with Scandinavia home to rocky peaks, sweeping green meadows, ancient woodlands and deep fjords.

As you cruise around here, it is not only the views you will enjoy, but also the opportunities you have to visit numerous cities and places of culture.

Depending on the trip you pick, you could pay a visit to Copenhagen in Denmark, Tallinn in Estonia, Helsinki in Finland and Gothenburg and Stockholm in Sweden.

By coming ashore, you will have a unique opportunity to explore some of the most popular cities in Europe - all during the same holiday.

The Caribbean

If you feel a cruise must include sun, sea and sand, perhaps the best place to visit is the Caribbean.

This has long been a favourite destination for breaks like this - and no wonder! The azure waters here are home to countless islands, each of which promises a taste of paradise.

You could visit the likes of St Maarten and St Kitts, take a stroll on the sandy beach or sample some of the sumptuous Caribbean cuisine.

Indeed, standing on the beach and watching the sun set could well be one of the most romantic experiences you have ever shared together.

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